Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a great night and don’t eat too much candy – ok, eat lots of candy! I found a couple Halloween links and few random things for you to check out this week. Enjoy!

  • HALLOWEEN: Didn’t buy a pumpkin to carve this year? Try out this online pumpkin carving simulator!
  • HALLOWEEN: I don’t know if these are truly used by kids or just funny, but here are Candy Codes used by kids on Halloween </u> to indicate what type of candy each house gives out.
  • HALLOWEEN: A recipe for vampire cookies that leak “blood.” Creepy!
  • HALLOWEEN: Martha recipe for lollipop cookies. They are so cute and seem quick and easy to make – last minute Halloween party idea!
  • One of my favorite zines of all time, CROQ Zine , has a blog and I didn’t know about it until today! CROQ Zine & the blog feature hip crafting and indie businesses.
  • This next one should probably have its very own post, but I wanted to put it out there asap: Book for Soldiers. Since all of us swappers love sending packages, why not send one to a soldier serving our country overseas? Books for Soldiers organizes the process. You simply sign up and then they approve your application and send you the name and address of a soldier who requested the service. According to the site, soldiers sometimes have a lot of downtime and would love to receive books, cds, or dvds to pass the time and remind them of home. You can also send relief supplies (goodies and what not) and penpal letters (a thank you letter would be appreciated, I’m sure). What a great way to send a little love to our brave military men and women!