mailboxes of the world: Prague, Czech Republic


When we were in Vienna we met up with some of our Brooklyn friends. When we went south to Venice, they went north to Prague in the Czech Republic. My friend Amanda sent me this photo of a mailbox she spotted there.

Czech Post uses similar colors, logos, and boxes as its German and Austrian counterparts. It is cool to see all the different variations!

Happy snail mailing!

mailboxes of the world: Austria


I had never been to Austria before and I was amazed by the beauty of the city of Vienna. I spied this mailbox just outside the Ringstrasse and the city center. The Austrian postal service logo, colors, and mailboxes are very similar to Germany’s.


I also really liked these funny, promotional postal service displays inside the post office, where I mailed a LOT of postcards!

Next stop, Italy!

mailboxes of the world: Germany


Guten tag from small town Germany! We are visiting castles all along the Rhine Valley. I spotted this adorable Deutsche Post mailbox at the Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Germany. I mailed quite a few castle postcards there!


I also mailed many postcards at the less quaint “briefkasten” in Bacharach, the town where we are staying. I’ve been sending a lot of postcards!


These last two charming mailboxes are personal boxes on homes in Braubach. Very cute!

Are you traveling this month, too? Want to send some mail from your destination? Join my Easy Postcard Swap!

mailboxes of the world: The Netherlands

PostNL mailboxes

Swap-bot Headquarters in on the road! Since I will be traveling through Europe for the next month, I thought it would be fun to share photos of the mailboxes I find in each country. These mailboxes are part of PostNL and I spotted them in Amsterdam.

Internet is not as available or reliable as I was hoping so far on our journey… but hopefully I’ll be sharing more mailboxes soon!

friday link love: April 4th, 2014


Another fresh bunch of spring links just for you:

Have a truly awesome weekend! (And let me know if you try any of the dessert recipes!)

Apply to be a Swap-bot Ambassador!


Do you love Swap-bot? Would you like to help spread the word about our awesome, creative community and help attract other fun, crafty, quality members? We want YOU to be a Swap-bot Ambassador!

Swap-bot Ambassadors will be friendly representatives of the ‘bot in their local region. They will be armed with (free!) Swap-bot swag to distribute as they see fit. Fun! And they will also be strong, visible members of the community online. Each Swap-bot Ambassador will be introduced on the blog and they will have a special designation graphic on their profile page. Additionally, Swap-bot Ambassadors will have the opportunity to publish guests posts on the blog, and they may also be asked for input on future site design and improvements. Sound exciting?!

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Have a Swap-bot account that has been active for a year or longer.
  • Be a positive, enthusiastic, active swapper in good standing. (No or very, very few low ratings that can be explained.)
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Ambassador Perks:

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Send an email to rachel -at- with the subject: Swap-bot Ambassador Application. (I don’t want to publish my full email address on the blog as it would attract spammers. Replace -at- with @ to make it a true email address.)

Include the following info in your email:

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  • Your favorite type of swap.
  • An explanation of any low ratings, if necessary.
  • Any links you’d like shared on the Swap-bot blog. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, blogs, websites, etc…
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I know that is a lot to include in an email, but you have a LONG time to apply. Send your application email by May 9th. Ambassadors will be chosen based on region need, the applicant’s email content, and their swap history. Ambassadors will be contacted and announced starting in early June.

This should be fun! Let me know if you have any questions.

The Ambassador program was inspired by our very first Swap-bot Ambassador to Portugal, mariadastrouxes. Look for her intro in May!

friday link love: March 28th, 2014


Hello and happy spring! We finally got some sun here in Brooklyn and I needed it!! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these fun links…

Do you have any fun links to share??

saturday link love: March 14th, 2014


Saint Patrick’s Day is on Monday, and even though I know it isn’t necessarily an international holiday, I just couldn’t pass up sharing some Irish-themed links! Also, I’ve been on a healthy, no-processed-food eating kick… but all of the dessert links I found this week may indicate that I might not be as committed to veggies as I thought… ha!

Have a great weekend! Happy Saint Partick’s Day!

featured swap: Rachel’s Easy Postcard Swap

Yes, I am featuring my OWN swap once again… a little self-centered, but I hope I can be forgiven.


My goal for this Easy Postcard Swap is to get new users involved and more knowledgeable about the Swap-bot process. This international postcard swap is open to all new and experienced Swap-bot members! It is just about the easiest mail swap you can try. Simply send one naked (i.e. addressed, stamped, and NOT in an envelope) to one partner. You will then receive a postcard from another participant in the swap. Easy and fun!

You can send any type of postcard that you’d like. The swap is sender’s choice (meaning you don’t have to cater to your partner’s profile) and store bought or handmade postcards are allowed. Write a nice note to your partner, address the postcard, put on some postage, and drop it in the mail! No sweat.

Sign up now! Let’s make this a huge swap!

Just for fun: What is your favorite type of postcard to receive?

p.s. I DO angel my swaps. Two weeks after the send deadline, if you have NOT received and you HAVE rated your partner honestly with a 1, you can contact me and I will send out an angel postcard.

friday link love: March 7th, 2014


So many colorful links this week! It almost feels like spring…

What are you doing this weekend?