donation drive

Over 22,000 children are sleeping in New York City homeless shelters tonight.

It is that time of year again when we can help brighten the holiday season for some of NYC’s homeless youth. Help us by donating to our 10th Annual Holiday Gift Donation Drive to benefit The Partnership for the Homeless!


The Partnership for the Homeless is a NYC charity committed to building a just and equitable society and creating lasting community change through solution-oriented programs and policy initiatives that eliminate the root causes of homelessness. They provide all sorts of services, support, and advocacy for the homeless in NYC and they would greatly appreciate our donations. The money we collect will purchase toys, games, clothes, books and gift cards to be handed out to children at their Children’s Holiday Party in Brooklyn on Friday, December 13th, 2019.

Let’s put together a huge donation of gifts for The Partnership!!

Our donation drive will have a much shorter timeline this year. Your donation must be received by Friday, December 6th, 2019, so please consider donating as soon as possible. To streamline the process this year, online PayPal donations are the only option. We will use your Paypal donations to purchase gifts and gift cards for distribution at The Partnership for the Homeless Children’s Holiday Party on December 13th, OR to make a direct donation to The Partnership, depending on their greater need. Use the link below to donate OR send Paypal donations to [email protected] All Paypal donations of $10 or more will count toward a rating removal.

Click here to donate via PayPal.


And here is the extra-special holiday bonus reward for your donation: Each Swap-bot member who sends in a donation of a gift card or item will earn the removal of one low (1 or 3) rating from their account!! You must make your Paypal donation by Friday, December 6th. If you do not have a poor rating on your account, you will receive a credit for one future rating removal. Each person can only earn one rating removal credit during this donation drive –- although you are welcome to donate more than $10!


The Fine Print: All ratings removed in exchange for a donation must be at least six months old and/or the user must have exhausted all options for making up the swap. The rating removal credit is meant to remove unfair or unfixable ratings — it is not a “free pass” for flaking. Everyone who donates will receive an email from me with the details of the rating removal credit. You can reply to that message any time to “cash in” your credit. I also make a permanent admin note (only visible to admin) on each donor’s account stating that they have a rating removal credit.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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