A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with MissThundercat while I was traveling through Amsterdam. MissThundercat is our Swap-bot Ambassador to the Netherlands and she is a prolific artist and snail mailer. We met up once before in 2010 when she was visiting New York City. She is kind and creative, and I am happy to have her as an online and IRL friend. You can check out her mail art on her Instagram and her blog, Contemplations of a Kitty. And, follow her on Twitter!

I am excited to announce that you will soon be reading guest posts by MissThundercat here, on the Swap-bot blog. Look for her post on fountain pens later this month!

I love traveling and I LOVE meeting up with our Swap-bot members. It is always heart-warming to hear how individuals use and enjoy the ‘bot! If you are a Swap-bot lover, stay tuned to the blog to learn how you can become a Swap-bot Ambassador. We will be accepting applications for a new batch of Ambassadors soon. Until then, happy swapping!