Creating and running a swap on Swap-bot is a lot of fun, but it is also a big responsibility. Here are some important tips on how to run a successful swap:

  • Give a Detailed Description – When creating a swap make sure that you have clearly and thoroughly explained your swap idea. Include a description of the item(s) being swapped, an explanation of the craft technique being utilized (with links to instructional websites if needed), and a clear statement of what is expected from participants. A dollar value or number of items expected to be sent for the swap may be needed. Also, make sure you include what kind of requirements participants are expected to have, such as a completed profile, minimum rating, number of swaps completed, etc. The more detailed your description, the more likely you are to attract committed, quality swappers to your swap.
  • Create a Swap Graphic – A custom graphic or image for your swap is not required, but it does give your swap an identity and it shows that you are dedicated swap host.
  • Communicate with Participants – Be available for any questions members may have via private message and email. Check your swap page periodically to read comments left by participants and respond if needed. Clearly and kindly explaining your expectations will help your swap run smoothly.
  • Check Over Participants – This may be the most important tip! After the sign up deadline for your swap has closed, carefully check over your list of participants and remove any user who does not meet your rating or region requirements, or who does not appear to be a strong swapper. Swap-bot is an open website which accepts all different types of people from all over the world. We believe diversity of culture and opinion strengthens and enriches the community, but it also means that there may be people on Swap-bot with whom you are not comfortable swapping. As swap coordinator, it is your duty to protect your swap participants from questionable or dishonest users. Swap-bot’s automatic suspension system and Admin are the first line of defense against questionable swappers, but we rely on our coordinators to be a second line of defense against swap lifting and other undesirable behavior. If you come across a user who makes you uncomfortable, remove them from your swap before assigning partners and report them to Swap-bot Admin (questions [at]
  • Send Your Swap </b> – This is a no-brainer, but it is especially disappointing when a swap coordinator does not send their swap!
  • Follow up with your participants – About 2-3 weeks after the send date, follow up with your participants to see if everybody has sent and received their swap. You can email your participants as a group, or just look over the details on the swap’s participant page. You may choose to angel your swap or arrange angels, if needed. Make sure to remind any swappers who did not receive a swap to rate their sending partner honestly with a 1 rating. Honest ratings help weed out the dishonest users more quickly. If you had any major problems with any of your participants, report them to Swap-bot Admin (questions [at]

Those are some of my general tips for how to be a good swap coordinator, but what else makes a coordinator extra special? What tips do you have for first time coordinators?