Craft Test Dummies is written by Jenny Barnett Rohrs, a self-proclaimed craftista who also reports for Craft Critique. Craft Test Dummies is Jenny’s personal blog, started in January 2008, where she shares product reviews and info about craft projects and tools.

From the site description:

Crafting is cool, fun, challenging, and occasionally annoying. Craft Test Dummies is my forum to test out new products and techniques, check out up-and-coming craftsters, and give y’all the straight poop. It’s my goal to get you fired up about your favorite craft, turn you on to new ones, and get you chatting with each other. So buckle up!

Jenny promises to be honest and forthright about the craft products she test, plus she is really funny! If you are constantly on the search for more good crafting info, Craft Test Dummies should be on your blogroll.