You already know that I love altered matchboxes, but what you might not know is that I have never tried making a “matchbox chest of drawers.” That is going to change, though, because I have signed up for this week’s featured swap: hosted by . For this international swap, each participant will send a three-drawer matchbox “dresser” to their one partner. The dresser should be decorated in a spring theme and each drawer should contain items based on three specific categories:

  • Drawer 1: Spring Colours. Fill this drawer with items that are the colours of spring (yellow,lavender, pink etc.) Of course, please check your partner’s likes and dislikes for colours. If they only like blue,for example, there is lots of pale blue shades to choose from.
  • Drawer 2: Spring Words: How does spring make you feel? What does it mean to you? Share your thoughts in phrases or words with your partner. Are there special holidays that happen in your country? Let them know!
  • Drawer 3: Spring Fling This is a profile surprise you can pop into the last drawer!

The matchbox chest of drawers are created by stacking together three separate 32-count matchboxes. If you need help with yours, check out the . I also really like made by Swap-bot user, , on Flickr. You can find many more ideas by searching on Flickr.

Only users who have completed at least five Type 3: Package or Craft swaps can participate and you must have a 4.9 overall rating, or higher. The sign up deadline is not until April 30th, so you have time to complete the pre-required swaps and tell your friends about this fun spring swap!

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