The Winter Donation Drive to benefit The Partnership for the Homeless has now ended… and I couldn’t be more happy with the result!! More than one hundred Swap-bot members donated to the drive and we collected 325 hats, sets of gloves, and scarves! You all sent in everything from leather gloves to hand knit hats, and even a Coach brand scarf was in the mix! Fancy! There were baby mittens, cashmere scarves, crocheted wool hats, and everything in between. Look at all of this winter weather gear:

I dropped off that giant bag of donations at The Partnership for the Homeless offices on Friday. The offices were bustling with people and the donation was happily received. Thank you to everyone who participated in this drive! It really was an awesome experience to receive all your hats, gloves, and scarves, and to donate them to such a busy, local charity.

As for the rating removal incentive… only about 1/3 of those who donated opted to use the rating removal credit at this time. Permanent admin notes have been made on the accounts of all those who participated. The rating removal credits can be used for the removal of future ratings, but we ask that all ratings removed in exchange for this donation program be six months old at the time of removal and/or that all attempts have been made to rectify the situation with your partner.

Thanks, again! xoxo