Do you love paper crafting and making your own creative greeting cards??

Our good friends at FaveCrafts and their sister site,, are hosting a Crafty Card Making Swap on the ‘bot!

swapFaveCrafts is an extensive craft website full of craft tutorials and free craft ebooks. They have craft projects for all types of mediums, from crochet to quilting to scrapbooking. On, you’ll find unending paper craft inspiration, with projects and tutorials curated from all over the web.

Everyone is welcome to join the Inspire Creativity – Crafty Card Making Swap, new and experienced users alike. For the swap, you create one handmade greeting card (you can find tons of ideas here) and mail it to your one partner. Include an inspirational message inside your card for your partner.

Be as creative as you like!! Make a beautiful card! Put a smile on your partner’s face!

Sign up for the Crafty Card Making Swap by May 20th. Send your card by May 31st.

Happy card swapping!