Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2015 Holiday Gift Donation Drive to benefit The Partnership for the Homeless! Together we raised $1,050 in cash and gift card donations and collected more than a dozen toy and gift items. All of the donations were distributed at the Children’s Holiday Party on December 12th, which served more than 250 local NYC kids.


Arnold S. Cohen, President & CEO of The Partnership for the Homeless, sent the following message of thanks:

“I want to thank you for your generous participation in the year’s Annual Children’s Holiday Party. Thanks to you, the party was a huge success with over 250 children and their families enjoying a day of fun at Genesis Home-Help USA, Brooklyn, NY where they enjoyed great food, crafts, games, and gifts. These photos of the party show the joy and excitement you helped create.

It’s hard to imagine how precious a fun day is to these families. Many have spent months living in homeless shelters, with none of the familiarity and warmth of home. And others are on the brink of falling into homelessness. The Partnership’s staff at our Family Resource Center is working with these families to get them back into an apartment or working to prevent them from falling into homelessness. They also go beyond immediate needs to assist families in securing the best healthcare and education options for themselves and their children, financial counseling and job development.

All of us at the Partnership thank you Swap-bot for helping our families experience the support of a community, especially as they face the many challenges in their lives. We look forward to partnering together again for next year’s party.”

It is great to hear that we helped make the party a success!! Thank you all for your donations and enthusiastic support each year. This is a very special community. Happy 2016!! xoxo