ambassadors_miniThe new Ambassador program is going strong and I am excited to introduce each of the participants individually over the next few months. They are all enthusiastic, fun, active, positive members who are asked to help promote Swap-bot in their local communities.


Meet our next Ambassador, mag! Mag has been a member of Swap-bot since 2007 and she has completed more than 260 swaps. Wow! She loves crafting and exploring the world and other cultures through snail mail.

Ambassador Region: Singapore photo

How mag found Swap-bot: “I remember in 2007, before I entered university, I wanted to travel the world and experience the culture of every single country. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to do so. So I searched for a way to get that same experience in the comfort of my home, and you wouldn’t imagine how elated I was to find a site that allowed me to achieve that wish.

Also at that time, I became more involved in the art of handmade and I used this opportunity to exchange handmade goods as well as craft supplies. This expanded not just my creative tools, but my imagination as well. It wasn’t long before I became ‘addicted’ to swapping with all the happy mail filling my letterbox.”

Why she enjoys Swap-bot: “Today, although I have begun fulfilling my dream of travelling the world, I continue to do cultural exchanges because I love to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Also, there are so many places but so little time, so this has allowed me to explore more within a shorter span of time. Swapping has also expanded my crafting sphere and I love the thrill of giving and receiving something special. Furthermore, it has helped me expand my social circle beyond my country as I started penpalling with those I ‘met’ through the site. I couldn’t be more thankful for this site!”

Her favorite type of swap: “Cultural, handmade, and themed swaps.”

One of mag’s most excellent sent swaps: “This was rather difficult for me to choose, so here’s my most recent cultural swap from Singapore to Portugal.” (Seen below.)


Interesting facts about mag: “I love pretending I’m a tourist in my own country and sussing out this place with a fresh perspective.”

Check out mag’s links:

Lots of great snail mail inspiration images!


I hope you liked this most recent Ambassador interview and introduction. Mag is an excellent and very high quality package swapper. Contact her if you’d like to do a one-on-one cultural exchange swap with her — send goodies from your part of the world, receive goodies from Singapore!