ambassadors_miniThe Ambassador program has been going strong for a year!! And I regret that I still have not introduced all of the awesome participants yet… but I will rectify that over the next few weeks with four more intro blog posts. The Ambassadors are all enthusiastic, fun, active, positive members who are asked to help promote Swap-bot in their local communities. If you are interested in representing Swap-bot in your area and sending out Swap-bot swag, stay tuned for info about our upcoming second round of Ambassador applications.


Meet our next Ambassador, dolcxvita! Dolcxvita is originally from India, but she now lives in Singapore. She has traveled all over Asia and has also lived in the UK. She is an avid snail mail lover and a designer who enjoys experimenting with all types of art and crafts.

Ambassador Region: India & Southeast Asia

dolcxvitaHow dolcxvita found Swap-bot: “A few years ago, I inherited a large collection of postcards addressed to my mother, written by various people who were on their journeys far and wide. To a lot of people, it would be a box of junk from the 60’s. They would be perfectly happy communicating via Skype, Whatsapp and other social networks. But to me, I was more than thrilled to open the box, inspect the contents and read each card which seemed to magically transport me not only to the date and place of its origin, but also to my mothers childhood – something I have always been curious about. So that is when my love for snail mail began, I wanted a box of my own, perhaps to pass on to my daughter or perhaps to one day, open it and read something from twenty years ago – it would sort of be a time capsule, where unlike in a photo or video, this would allow the viewer a creative license to use their imagination a little more! I was studying in the UK at that time and I convinced my family and friends to write to me – real mail, long letters, beautiful postcards, birthday cards etc. began filling up my mailbox.”

“Three years ago, I stumbled across swap-bot, while looking for postcards (I also stumbled upon an International Postcard Show in Nottingham UK – where I ended up exhibiting my work – must have been my lucky day!) Anyway, what a wonderful thing – this website! Here I could not only exchange postcards with people from all over the world, but take this whole creative correspondence thing to a new level. I still remember the rush of excitement when stepping into an art store after a very long time and buying basic supplies to make my first ATC and then making dozens more with the help of some amazing supplies I received from swaps.”

Why she enjoys Swap-bot: “I moved back to India and the little boxes of exciting goodies continued to fly in and out of my home, my puzzled family wondered what was going on. But when I shared with them, candy from London, vintage toys from Madrid, laughs from Melbourne, experiences from New York, travel tips from Moscow, art from Japan, Xmas ornaments from Finland — their amusement gave way to excitement – which now takes over every time I receive a parcel.”

“Swap-Bot combined my love for travel and art. It helped me see places I had never seen before, through the eyes of the people I had never met before and no matter what path I choose, I know that I have found a door into a creative space where I can write, make and learn and share all of it, whenever I want.”

Her favorite type of swap: “I love ATC and postcard swaps, but I feel like I hit a jackpot every time I learn something new about another country – be it in the from a physical souvenir or a book recommendation or random fact on a postcard or a piece of fabric showcasing traditional art.”

Fun Facts about dolcxvita:

  • “I am 20-somehting, recently married, marketing consultant and graphic designer.”
  • “On the weekends, I am also a yoga instructor.”

Two of dolcxvita’s swaps:


Visit dolcxvita’s links:


I hope you are enjoying getting to know your fellow swappers with these Ambassador Introductions. We are so lucky to have so many awesome snail mail lovers from all over the world! If you are interested in items from India or Southeast Asia, or want to do an international postcard or art swap, dolcxvita is a great swapper to contact.