ambassadors_miniThe Ambassador program has been going strong for a year!! And I regret that I still have not introduced all of the awesome participants yet… but I will rectify that over the next few weeks with two more intro blog posts. The Ambassadors are all enthusiastic, fun, active, positive members who are asked to help promote Swap-bot in their local communities. If you are interested in representing Swap-bot in your area and sending out Swap-bot swag, stay tuned for info about our upcoming second round of Ambassador applications.


Meet our next Ambassador, KateKintail! KateKintail lives in Virginia and is a serious fangirl. She loves all sorts of scifi and fantasy — like Star Trek, Supernatural, Lord of the Rigs, Harry Potter (a proud Hufflepuff!), etc — and she makes awesome crafts and swap packages around the themes. (Like this giant Star Trek swap and this amazing Geordi LaForge peep. I’m in love!) She is a vegetarian and a collector of postcards and all things Eeyore. She is also an avid reader and writer.

KateKintail2Ambassador Region: Washington D.C. area, USA

How KateKintail found Swap-bot: ” I got a Swap-bot postcard in my goodie bag at the international BookCrossing Convention 2011. My friend melydia did swap-bot and was always raving about it. I hadn’t crafted in a while so I wasn’t sure it was for me. Once I got the postcard in the bag I decided to take a look. I poked around and was hooked! Melydia was actually the one who emailed me and told me I should apply to be an Ambassador (so she sort of is one already!).”

Why she enjoys Swap-bot: “There’s something for everyone, even people like me with a billion interests can find a home. I’ve learned so much from other swappers -— not just techniques and new crafts, but friendships and advice. There’s always something fun going on somewhere on Swap-bot, and if you don’t see something you like you can make a new swap! I love seeing the creativity of others and being inspired to try something new or refine my skills. I also like having deadlines to work toward and I like the accountability aspect. I love getting things people have written or created, but even more than that I love creating things that will put smiles on my partners’ faces!”

Her favorite type of swap: “I’m a fangirl at heart, so anything to do with my favorite books/tv/movies. I’m partial to whimsy jars as my favorite craft.”


An Autumn Whimsey Jar and a Lego Advent Calendar made by KateKintail for swaps.

Fun fact about KateKintail:<ul

  • “I painted my craft room light purple like my childhood bedroom wall color. When I’m at home or not sleeping, you will almost always find me in my craft room—it’s where the laptop and gluesticks live (though they are located across the room from each other)!”
  • “When not at home crafting or writing, I hunt down historical markers with my trusty stuffed sidekick Eeyore and log them on”</ul>

Visit KateKintail’s links:


A giant Disney-in-a-bag swap sent by KateKintail.


I hope you are enjoying getting to know your fellow swappers with these Ambassador Introductions. We are so lucky to have so many awesome snail mail lovers participating on Swap-bot! If you are interested in any type of fandom swap, KateKintail is a great swapper to contact.